LG L70 Hard Reset

LG L70 Hard Reset

This is important thing before you continue the following procedure to reset to factory your device. After each Hard Reset you will lose your data that have been stored on the phone. I advise you make a backup your important data on your PC or SD card before reset to factory. If you plan to sell your phone you have to do a hard reset to wipe your personal data so as to prevent abuses.If you forget password or lock pattern from your device the best way how to solve this problem is make hard reset.


Procedure How to Factory Reset LG L70 Optimus

Easy why how wipe your phone data using LG L70 Hard Reset option. Reset forgotten password or pattern.

  • Turn off untill it is completely powered off (switch off LG L70)
  • Press and Hold VOLUMEN DOWN “-” and POWER wait until you see LG logo then again press POWER BUTTON  “watch video below”
  • On the screen you will see Question: Erase all user data & restore default settings? Use VOLUMEN key to choose Yes and confirm with POWER key.
  • Wait till the process done factory reset
  • The phone will be reboot automatically then you can use your LG L70 Optimus

lg l70 hard reset

Following the above steps will successfully enable you to Lg L70 hard reset.

Video tutorial how to factory reset LG L70

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